Healthcare & Laboratories

Flooring Systems

Hospitals, surgical centers and ambulatory care providers are a part of an around the clock industry that responds to the needs of millions of people each and every year. In the rapidly changing healthcare industry, technology has lead to advancements not only in the procedures and treatments but where those services are provided. Healthcare reform and cost containment will continue to challenge healthcare providers to look for new ways to provide care and improve efficiencies while still providing excellence in care.

No matter what the future of care holds, one thing is certain, healthcare facilities will need a cost effective, easy to maintain, sterile environment that is attractive while providing years of worry free service. At Dur-A-Flex, we understand that a flooring system is the foundation of your daily operations. Its performance keeps “out of service time” minimized while allowing you to focus on the needs of your patients. Getting flooring right the first time is critical to healthcare providers, having to address failed floors creates a disruption that impacts everyone.

Dur-A-Flex® floors provide a durable surface that resists chipping and gouging, eliminating places that can harbor dirt, germs and microbes. And because it’s seamless, there are no welded joints to crack and curl, a common source for trip hazards as well as a place where germs can harbor. Our low maintenance flooring eliminates the need for costly stripping and waxing as well.

Dur-A-Flex floor systems are available in a variety of styles, textures and colors. Whether new construction or renovation, our floors install quickly and can shorten your project schedule. Our environmentally-friendly flooring options are VOC compliant (low emitting, CA 01350 compliant) and reduce jobsite waste during installation, contributing to LEED® credits. In addition to sustainable LEED project certification needs, we have developed products that deliver additional value to the building owner by reducing their maintenance costs over the life of the floor and focusing on providing superior life cycle costs.

Dialysis Centers

Dur-A-Flex floors provide the stain and chemical resistance needed in a medical treatment environment while providing a safe, slip resistant surface. Built-in antimicrobial additive ensures long-term sanitary conditions and because it’s seamless, cleaning is easy. Create attractive designs using single or multiple colors and blends. Looking to replace an existing floor or renovate an existing building, our fast curing system can dramatically cut installation times, and reduce impact on the center’s availability to patients.

Ambulatory Care/Outpatient

Whether you call it prompt care, express care or immediate care, one thing is certain, there is no time to worry about floors. When you select a Dur-A-Flex seamless floor, you get an easy to clean, stain resistant and low maintenance floor, allowing you to focus on your patients. Our floors provide a safe, slip resistant surface that is available with a built-in, antimicrobial additive that ensures long-term sanitary conditions. Fast curing systems are available to help reduce installation times when replacing an existing floor or renovating an existing building.

Operating Rooms

Operating rooms and surgical suites need to have “out of service time” minimized. Sharp equipment dropped onto the floor and improper maintenance create chips and gouges that trap biological matter and other pathogens, which compromise daily sanitation. Dur-A-Flex floors eliminate joints or seams that can compromise the floor or curl and create trip hazards. Choose from a variety of looks, optional antimicrobial additive, fast curing formulations to reduce installation times and available integral cove base for seamless floor to wall transitions.


Kitchens are busy providing hundreds of meals daily. You need a floor system that can meet the needs of this fast pace while providing protection from slips and falls. High temperatures around fryers along with grease and oil not only make floors slick, it is a key ingredient that leads to flooring failures. Bacteria that forms and is often found in grout lines, produces acids that will break down grout lines and cause tiles to pop out creating trip hazards and potential citations from health and safety officials. Dur-A-Flex seamless floors eliminate this common problem and can be installed overnight and, in many cases, avoid downtime. Incorporate an integral cove for a completely seamless solution that will remain both attractive and easy to clean for years.


Reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance and create significant savings year after year. A low maintenance, durable floor lets you eliminate costly stripping and waxing, allowing you to put that money back into your facility’s budget. Our sanitary, slip and stain resistant floors are available in a variety of looks and styles to fit your design needs. Environmentally-friendly flooring options are available and contribute to LEED credits.


Sanitary, safe, attractive flooring that is easy to clean and stain resistant is a must in labs. Our floors are chemical resistant, stand up to the daily wear and cleaning regimens. Avoid chips and gouges that trap biological matter and pathogens while eliminating joints or seams that can compromise the floor or curl and create trip hazards. All of our floors are available with an optional antimicrobial additive and integral cove base for seamless floor to wall transitions.


Dur-A-Flex floors offer a durable, safe, slip resistant surface that is also waterproof and unaffected by fabric care chemicals. Incorporate an integral cove for a completely seamless, waterproof solution that will remain both attractive and easy to clean for years.

Mechanical Rooms

Water containment, chemical resistance and safety are just some of the needs in mechanical room environments. Dur-A-Flex systems provide an extra degree of strength and performance. Seamless wall to wall construction and integral cove base creates a clean look with an easy to maintain surface. The elastomeric waterproof membrane offers maximum protection from leakage to occupied areas below.

Restrooms/Locker Rooms

Dur-A-Flex floors offer a durable, slip resistant surface that can handle water with ease. The seamless feature eliminates the maintenance of dirty tile and grout while providing a completely waterproof surface. Create attractive designs using single or multiple colors and blends in quartz or vinyl chip.

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