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Flooring Systems

Today’s shoppers are more selective when choosing what they’ll feed their families so when it comes to choosing which store to shop in, they’re looking for stores that provide that same level of quality throughout the entire shopping experience. At Dur-A-Flex,® we understand that grocery stores need floors that are attractive and that compliment your store design. Customers expect a bright, clean and inviting atmosphere. The challenge is finding a floor that can deliver while tolerating daily shopping traffic as well as the demands of the overnight restocking and motorized pallet jacks.

Dur-A-Flex floors offer endless customization with colors and designs to match your stores décor while providing a slip resistant texture giving you lasting durability and ease of maintenance. Installing the wrong floor however, can lead to greater maintenance costs for you and create an environment that your customers won’t soon be returning to. Our floors install quickly and can shorten new construction project times by weeks, helping to get new stores open sooner.

If renovations are in the future, a floor that eliminates downtime can help prevent lost revenues. Stores with multiple locations or significant square footage can lead to even bigger savings. By eliminating regular, costly, stripping and waxing cycles, our customers cut annual maintenance costs, as much as a $1 per square foot per year over other floors.

Retail Areas

Retail areas demand an attractive floor that keeps looking good for years to come. A safe, slip resistant surface that is easy to maintain while resisting food stains from spills or dropped items is a must. Fast curing formulations and the ability to complete installations over 5-7 day old concrete, keep installation times to a minimum, allowing stores to open sooner.


Bakery floors are subject to oils, sugars, flour and water making them slippery while providing all of the ingredients needed to form the bacteria that will start attacking lesser floors. Extremely durable and tolerant to higher temperatures, our cementitious urethane floor uses the same technology found in our industrial food processing floors.


The deli is a bustling part of your store and a slip resistant floor provides sure footing for employees trying to keep up with customers. Easy to clean while standing up to cleaners that are a part of the daily cleaning regimen, our seamless floors are sanitary and eliminate the cost and hassle of maintaining hard to clean grout lines associated with tile floors.

Meat & Seafood

Meat and Seafood departments are exposed to grease, oil and blood as well as aggressive cleaners and washdowns. A floor that is easy to clean while incorporating a slip resistant texture is a must to keep wet floors safe and sanitary. Our seamless cementitious urethane floor provides the protection, durability and sanitation needed. It is available with an integral cove base that can transition directly to one of our seamless wall systems for added sanitation and protection from seepage associated with washdowns.

Food Prep Areas

Food Prep areas need a floor system that stands up to the heat and oil around fryers, is slip resistant in wet areas, great looking to you and your customers, all while being durable and easy to clean. Our seamless floor systems will eliminate hard to clean grout lines that can harbor bacteria and are costly to maintain.

Restrooms/Locker Rooms

Clean, attractive and easy to maintain is what tops the list for restroom floors. Customers form opinions about your business based on how well kept the restrooms are. Keep them looking great with a floor that is slip resistant, available in a wide range of colors and styles while eliminating dirty, stained and hard to clean grout lines.

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