Food & Beverage

Restaurant Flooring

Restaurants and foodservice operators are a part of a fast-paced and demanding industry that generates hundreds of billions of dollars each year and have employment numbers that rank among the largest of any industry. Long hours and staffing issues provide a full menu of things to worry about. Whether an independent operator or leading chain, the challenge is to keep business running efficiently and profitably.

Kitchens are the cornerstone of any foodservice operation and when they’re running smoothly, everything else runs smoothly. Achieving this is no simple task considering busy cook and fry lines, prep areas and dishwashing areas are subjected to conditions that can cause floors to fail, leading to business interruptions. Floors face elevated temperatures, grease, oils, water and foodstuffs that create a slip/fall risk, a leading cause of worker compensation claims. This same mix of residual foodstuffs, grease, oil and moisture provides the breeding ground for the most common bacteria found in foodservice – Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Aside from the obvious risk of infection, this bacteria actually produces organic acids that attack lesser floors and can cause them to fail.

At Dur-A-Flex, we understand these challenges as well as the need for seating areas that create an atmosphere that connects your customers with your theme. That’s why we offer a wide variety of colors, looks and textures. Floors need to be attractive and complement design while standing up to high traffic. Stain resistance is a must in order to keep those inevitable spills from becoming ugly stains on the floor.

For chain operators, flooring that can be installed quickly and consistently is critical to meet your construction schedules and your planned openings for the year. With products that can be installed overnight and our ability to install floors over 5-7 day old concrete, you’ll be sure to keep new locations opening as planned.


Kitchens are busy providing hundreds of meals daily. You need a floor system that can meet the needs of this fast pace while providing protection from slips and falls. High temperatures around fryers along with grease and oil not only make floors slick, it is a key ingredient that leads to flooring failures. Bacteria that forms and is often found in grout lines, produces acids that will break down grout lines and cause tiles to pop out creating trip hazards and potential citations from health and safety officials. Dur-A-Flex seamless floors eliminate this common problem and can be installed overnight and, in many cases, avoid downtime. Incorporate an integral cove for a completely seamless solution that will remain both attractive and easy to clean for years.

Seating Areas

Now you can select floors that offer the style and good looks consistent with your theme and décor without making sacrifices on performance. In dining and seating areas, floors need to resist staining from the spills that happen day to day while holding up to all of the wear and tear customers bring through the doors… and do it all while still looking new. Slip resistant and easy to maintain, Dur-A-Flex seamless floors are “the special of the day.”


Dur-A-Flex floors offer a durable, slip resistant surface that can handle water with ease. The seamless feature eliminates the maintenance of dirty tile and grout while providing a completely waterproof surface. Create attractive designs using single or multiple colors and blends in quartz or vinyl chip.


The constant hustle and bustle of moving from customers to wait staff in tight quarters that typically include a dishwasher, makes slip resistance a must have in bar areas where steam and water prevail. And because the bar area is visible to customers, floors need to be good looking, resist staining from spills and be quick and easy for staff to clean.

Freezers & Coolers

Freezers and coolers present a unique challenge. Besides needing to be easy to clean and sanitize, they require a floor that can be installed at lower temperatures in order to minimize downtime or to prevent the risk of having products spoil.

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